Outdoor LED Rope Lights - 120V 5050 LED Waterproof String Lighting | Indoor Cove Lighting - 164 Feet

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This LED rope light runs cooler and lasts longer than its incandescent equivalents while consuming a fraction of the power. Af top choice for decor and accent lighting, these slim, round rope lights emit an omni-directional beam of true white or vibrant single-color light with a clean, stylish finish. Just plug in and light up; no power supply or wiring required. Rope lights should not be bent to severe angles.

Cove lighting is a basic indirect lighting technique that creates diffused lighting to illuminate a space. Indirect lighting or ambient lighting hides the light source from view while the light reflects off of other surfaces to provide a soft, even distribution of light.

These days, construction professionals, designers, and architects agree that LED rope light are the best lights for cove lighting because it’s a way to fine-tune a classic technique with a modern feel. Made with the latest technology, LED ropes provide beautiful lines of light that mimic the allure of natural light without the harsh glare of outdated fixtures.

Product Features
High luminous efficiency >70lm/W Average energy saving more than 80% of the energy cost of electricity use.
Green environmental protection: no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, comply with RoHS requirements.
Long life span: 50000 hours lumens maintaining rate 75%.
No stroboscopic: starting fast, flicker-free, protect your eyes.
Installation (embedded) is simple, flexible to meet different needs.
Luminous uniform, no spot.
Safe low voltage 120 VAC input, small power consumption 2.4W/Ft
Weight: 15.0 lbs