About Us

There are some important questions that should be considered when planning a new project, specifically: Is "good" illumination important to your project? What is a good lighting design and how is it achieved. Uni-Davis Lighting is the preferred lighting designer. We exemplify reducing the project construction and/or operations costs by integrating daylight with electric lighting to save energy and provide a satisfying connection to the outside world. We will help you manage costs while providing the best lighting supply in the international marketplace. At Uni-Davis Lighting, we understand that the quality of light affects people on many levels. The cost of poor lighting that just barely meets code is not worth the risk in areas where the "people factor" is important.


Uni-Davis Lighting was founded in the British Virgin Islands on October 2009 and expanded its operation to Guyana in August 2019. The founder, who had contributed to the lighting industry for over twenty years, led the company towards its present success. Uni-Davis Lighting is established as one of the leading lighting companies in the British Virgin Islands and has been nurturing an impressive growth over the years. Uni-Davis Lighting is a supplier of the most cutting-edge lighting products as well as a consultant on energy-savings, green technology, and helping you purchase and design the best lighting product to illuminate your project specs. Whether you are building a home or remodeling a commercial location, Uni-Davis Lighting will assist you with all your lighting design project needs.