Landscape, lighting, 30W 3000-Lumen 120-277V Bronze Non-Dimmable Integrated Outdoor LED Weatherproof Wall Wash Light and Adjustable Mount

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Get energy-efficient, heavy-duty outdoor illumination with our Integrated Outdoor LED Weatherproof Wall Wash Light with Adjustable Mounting Bracket. The 30-watt high-lumen non-dimmable LED bulb casts a high-powered beam of warm light equivalent to 175-watt incandescent flood light in strength and coverage. That makes it the ideal LED outdoor light for yards, gardens, building facades, billboards, signs, driveways, parking lots, and landscape lighting. It's fixed to an adjustable mounting bracket that lets you direct the light exactly where you need it. It mounts securely to 1/2-in. weatherproof boxes. Illuminate your home at night with the warm glow of 3000K Soft White LED flood lights outdoors. This powerful lamp casts a beam at a vertical and horizontal spread of 130 degrees and lasts 20 times longer than a halogen flood light bulb. This outdoor lighting product is housed in heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum with a rust-resistant bronze finish. The 3000-lumen LED flood light bulb is rated to last for 50,000 hours of use. That means you could potentially use it for up to 22 years and yet only rack up an estimated energy cost of $7.23 per year. That's powerful and energy-efficient lighting at 90% cost savings against halogen lamps. Get your Newhouse Lighting 30W Bronze Integrated Outdoor LED Weatherproof Wall Wash Light today and refit all of your home landscaping with beautiful, energy-saving illumination.

  • 3000K Soft White outdoor lighting product
  • Non-dimmable 120-277V integrated LED lasts 20X longer than halogen flood light bulb
  • IP65 rated and UL-certified for use in cold, hot and wet location
  • Adjustable high quality aluminum lamp head with frosted lens, and rust-resistant finished bronze exterior
  • 130-degree light beam is ideal for illuminating signs, walls, gardens, yards, and more
  • Search for OMSID 302807663 for compatible mounting post fixture